Durex’s Secret Tech Contributing to Sexual Orgasm

Durex’s Secret Tech Contributing to Sexual Orgasm

The world’s leading sexual wellbeing brand Durex was reported to build partnership with CEO from Siren Mobile in order to develop a revolutionary technological product to help couples live better sexual lives. The release is actually the first movement Durex steps into the digital marketplace.

Head of R&D department of Durex Richard Arnold stated that: “We were inspired by modern people’s behaviors, the ever growing dependence on mobile technology for virtually everything in day to day life, and our market research has identified a genuine desire for this technology in our sex lives.”

The launch of the tech arouses mass speculation and leads to hundreds of thousands of people visiting the ‘Durexlabs’ website to find out more with excitement and expectation on how the tech would help users to achieve an orgasm. In the enlightening and moving video released last week, couples who are willingly to witness mysterious of the tech were surprised to learn the answer—the simplest way to give people’s lives an uplift—swiping the off button. Here are some of the quotes from interviewees, reflecting general problems in establishing healthy couple relationships:

   “In the last few months, I’ve tried to have a ban on her using her phone in the bedroom … We’re now trying to use the bedroom for just sleeping and sex.”

   “When the first iPhone was purchased by him I used to call it the third person in our marriage and I hated her with a passion, she used to sit between us, and I really disliked her… it has become a third arm for a lot of people.”

This video received 765,025 views in its first 24 hours and it did spark people’s reflection that people are becoming enslaved to technology. A study reveals that the pervasive use of technology has seriously influenced how often people have sex, cut intercourse short and caused tensions in relationships. There are also other researches conducted to testify the detrimental effects caused by technology. For example, researchers from Durham’s Centre for Sex, Gender and Sexualities demonstrated that 40% of those interviewers have delayed sex because of technology, largely because of smart phones and tablets. Moreover, a third of the couples interviewed admitted that they often interrupt sex to answer their phone.

“Sometimes I’ll be on Facebook and he’ll be on a sporting app while we are both in bed; we realize that we are literally sitting in bed together, but living in different worlds.” Quote from one participant.

There is no denying that smartphones have revolutionized the way people communicate with each other and digital technology has facilitated the exchange feelings of intimacy, enable us to literally remain distant. In the U.S., more than half of Americans own a smartphone and are pretty obsessive with it. According to a survey conducted by Harris Interactive, only 20 percent of participants said they couldn’t live without sex and many of them said they would rather skip sex than give up phones, tablets or televisions.

Phones occupy the time couples staying together in the bedroom, and thereby making a difficult transition to sex afterward as a result of distraction. It is non-organic and even a little awkward to initiate sex immediately after playing a game or checking an email because it is difficult to switch from one mindset to another. As stated in a study, there are more than a quarter of women admit email and Internet disturb their love lives and it is the mobile devices that particularly need to blame. Two-thirds of the participants said their partners do not take enough initiatives to have sex.

Durex’s product aims to “amplify human connection in the bedroom and improve our sex lives,” said Susie Lee, CEO of Siren. In fact, unlocking the passion with the smartphone has actually become a heated debate among many brands and Durex just one of them.

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