The Science of Instagram: How to Drive More Traffic

The Science of Instagram: How to Drive More Traffic

Instagram is one of the hottest visual social media platforms, on which brands tell their stories and bring into their brand personality. Photos and videos are popular forms on Instagram and brands usually use them to drive traffic and gain the most engagement on that. We all know that Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest could drive traffic to the websites and contribute to online sale as well. Does Instagram have better ability to help increase online sales? In fact, Instagram brings many different advantages to all types of business, including increase awareness and engagement, help to build interactive customer relationships and create a buzz for the new product launch or other events.

Before a brand wants to take the best use of Instagram, it needs to make sure to have a mobile-friendly website first. Personally speaking, I found many websites are not mobile friendly and it’s an awful experience. Most people say Instagram is less informative compared to Facebook or blog and it’s really hard to use it tell a story. But it is admittedly a good opportunity for a company to create compelling original pictures which match the overall theme of the brand. The link to blog post, the photo description and a call to action which could encourage people to visit the company websites are all good ways for Instagram to help business. But make sure to watermark each of the photos with brand name and let anyone who see them know who post them, thereby increasing awareness of the brand.

One of the best thing of Instagram is you can use great hashtags attract lots of views to your updates. Compared with Twitter, hashtags on Instagram are more important because that’s the thing allows most pictures to be discovered. You may notice that most photos contain no description but for several hashtags. You can check out the TagsForLikes website or phone applications for lists of the most popular hashtags in a given category and apply them to your pictures. More hashtags would add more chances of getting your images discovered and liked by more people.

After got awareness you should engage with audience by liking your pictures, following your account and leaving comments. If your are not like Starbuck with millions of hashtagged photos of your brand on Instagram, you’ll need to launch a photo contest to get your audience jazzed about sharing relevant photos. If you are in clothing industry and a brand targeting millennial girls, you can feature your brand with music festival around a theme of “stand out in the festival and capture your best summer moments for a chance to win a $150 gift card and the ticket for festival.” After having the theme, you can create appropriate campaign hashtag to create a buzz among audience. In addition, remember to reach out to bloggers, press or Instagram influencers to enlarge size of your audience. The best way to find bloggers is just looking on Google.

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Since a store can only gets launched once, it’s not easy to have powerful excuses to reach out to a lot of people. So doing everything you can to get traffic and convert them into customers are key to business. You can achieve your objective by creating a good content strategy, mastering SEO and engaging with audience through contests, etc.


2 thoughts on “The Science of Instagram: How to Drive More Traffic

  1. I love Instagram. Hands down I believe it to be the best social media platform today. It’s lean and forces you to churn out a quality product. You don’t have much to work with other than a picture and maybe a caption with some hashtags, but that’s what makes it so good. A platform like Facebook can have too much going on and may deter viewers who desire a more concise experience. That said, it is very important to learn how to most effectively drive traffic to your Instagram account and build a fan base. Never forget–pictures are worth a thousand words. The trick however is to post quality pictures with consistency. Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done. Good read!


  2. It is really interesting to see that people add plenty of hashtags under their pics on Ins and I know now that they are trying to attract more audiences.


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