Prediction about Digital Marketing in 2015—Content Marketing

Prediction about Digital Marketing in 2015—Content Marketing

Entering into a new year, lots of marketers begin to make predictions about trends of marketing and content marketing dominates the discussion. According to Danny Tran, online marketing manager, “As Google continues to get better at connecting related search queries, long, in-depth content will become more of a trend.” With the increasing importance of content marketing, controversy came out about the possibility to prove its return on investment (ROI). Many people don’t consider it valuable enough to deliver as much tangible returns on investment as other media initiatives do. My hunch is content marketing will continue to go far and be central in any modern marketing organization.

Simply speaking, content marketing emphasizes on creating content in order to attract and retain customers and almost every business translates content marketing into effective action. Content marketing is effective for three aspects. First, traditional marketing channels such as TV commercials, newspaper and magazine are losing audience and people hardly listening to them. Therefore, content marketing comes in and begins to enjoy popularity. Second, there is a widespread agreement that mobile marketing is forging a bright future thanks to technology. People or potential customers have never been so accessible to content whenever and wherever they are. Third, creating extraordinary content is cost-effective despite the fact that it does take time to create.

As I said before, a lot of contents are created and shared through social media, being unnoticed by audience. Virtually, a repertoire of companies aren’t clever enough or good at creating their content In this case, by consistently creating quality content that’s both useful and interesting and at the same time, optimizing it for search, the business will get ahead of the game. Just keep in mind that writing one amazing post every week is better than generating five poor ones every day.

There are some useful tips to produce quality contents. The first thing to know is that content marketing is a good way to increase awareness and generate word-of-mouth, so it would be helpful to impress people, to let people feel the personality behind the brand and to deliver brand value. Keeping the content consistent is the key to achieve that objective. The second one is to personalize or customize the content instead of adopting a one-size-fits-all approach to let the audience create resonance and feel that the brand is addressing them. However, customizing content means the business needs to narrow their focus too much and this action may go against the original intention. And the last point is to include calls to action in the conversation. Many brands put emphasize on educational and informational content, however, too many of them neglect the significance of creating some nurturing but tasteful content to make it attractive and compelling.

Due to the great value of content marketing, companies want to rank well on Google search engine and there is no surprise that Google is wise enough to charge twice for both website and mobile rank. In terms of the controversy that content marketing cannot provide tangible return on investment, I think it’s effective to withstand the test of time.

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