Coke-cola’s Commercial on Super Bowl Game

Coke-cola’s Commercial on Super Bowl Game

You must enjoy the Big Game night on Feb. 1 and may or may not notice the 30 seconds TV commercials. But you must be surprised about the price of this 30 seconds airtime on Super Bowl Game—4.5 million dollars. Since the price is at such a high level,all companies must try their best to promote the brand convey the message and increase awareness and preference.

Among all the commercials on the Big Game, I like the Coke-cola‘s even it isn’t the 5 best ads on Super bowl according to ADWEEK’s rank. Firstly I like this ad’s content and storytelling. When I see the commercial, I don’t see spam, I see the message—Let’s make it happy. We talk a lot about brand narratives and the importance of storytelling to content marketing, but that doesn’t necessarily mean telling the story of the brand itself. It means weaving the brand cleverly and effectively into a narrative that people genuinely care about in everyday life.

As a matter of fact, this piece of ad is all about your daily life. I mentioned above the core message of the commercial is “the world is what we make it and let’s make it happy”. The aggressive and unfriendly comments on social media, the violent news or videos air on YouTube and negative information on billboard usually happen in daily life. As a viewer, I was definitely moved by the moment when everything sad become better and every upset person get happy. The result is a resonance that drills the brand into a deep level of our psyche that’s rarely visited by other commercial content.

I like the ad also for its emotional effects. As reviews posted under the video ad, a question was constantly came up with like is it possible to spill coke on your computer and make such a great change to the internet and to the world and may criticize this kind of unpractical commercial. But as for me, I think Coke-cola put more emphasis on emotional things. As a carbonated beverage, it is really difficult to make the commercial realistic or underscore the functions. Consequently, it is entirely reasonable to create such a sweet moment by depicting a dramatic scene.

Why do people go to the cinema? They go to laugh, to cry, to get sad, angry and experience emotion that lies in between these broad categories. In short, any piece of content marketing needs to be fit for purpose—if it’s an informative piece of video, it needs to inform; if it’s an analysis piece on a blog, it needs to analyze; and if it’s a piece of TV commercial like Coke-cola, it needs to impress audience or to arouse viewers’ emotion (unnecessary to be completely positive emotion). And to this end, with an emotive storyline that explores the meaning of happiness and demonstrates how a tiny change influences people’s mood, the Coke-cola commercial goes into audience’s heart.

The Coke-cola commercial has a very clear idea of who it’s talking to and in this commercial, it bids to increase its standing among internet users. And the ad created a great contrast making the story dramatic and impressive. At the beginning, everything seems unhopeful and full of hate, but a small change completely converted the situation. It actually reminds me the butterfly effects—“the sensitive dependence on initial conditions in which a small change in one state of a deterministic nonlinear system can result in large differences in a later state”. In this commercial, it is the spill of a bottle of coke-cola that makes the internet convey happiness and this trick truly impressed audience and make the brand more powerful.

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One thought on “Coke-cola’s Commercial on Super Bowl Game

  1. I agree with your point of view, and I believe that the brand’s emotional benefits usually works better than its features benefits to attract customers .


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